Jacquelyn Lee | Photographer

Hello, I am Jackie...

I did not pick up a camera one random day & decide to be a photographer.  I have wanted to be a photographer since the age of 3 & have been taking pictures ever since.  I received my degree in photography from Baylor University and have had many remarkable blessings to shoot a wide variety of different types of subjects & events.  I have come a long way from my first camera, a blue & yellow plastic fisher price camera, but one thing still remains…I love being a photographer & sharing with everyone how I see the world.

I capture those fleeting moments.  I capture the curve of the belly that holds so much love & that tiny heart beat that will forever change your life.  I capture that tiny curl that never seems to want to stay put.  I capture that event that so many hours of planning have finally come into fruition.  I capture those tiny fingers that have only seen the light of day for a few short, yet long, days.  I capture that contagious cackle when you tickle their toes. I capture that tiny being getting lost in its father’s large & loving arms.  I capture that impeccably arranged plate that amazes you before it delights your taste buds.  I capture that innocence with a touch of mischievousness in their eyes. I capture that remember when.  I capture that please do not grow so fast.  I capture the wow.  

I capture those fleeting moments….I am a photographer.