My Focus....

Maternity: At this time so many things are uncertain: What will the baby look like?  When will it be here?  Will the baby have my eyes or yours?  Is the baby going to sleep well?  All of these questions & more are running through parents minds but one thing IS certain:  they are beyond in love with this baby they have yet to hold in their arms & are excited about life’s biggest “little” gift.  I love to capture this love & adoration between parents & of course the beautiful curve of mama’s growing bump.  I believe pregnant women are radiant & should capture this significant event in their lives rather it is your first baby or your fifth.

Newborn:  Newborn sessions (ideally taken during the first 2 weeks of life) are absolutely wonderful & magical.  This is one session that I believe everyone needs.  The tiny fingers & toes, the peaceful face as the baby rests will all too soon be a distant memory.  It is such a remarkable time in a young family’s life & I always feel honored to be able to capture a new life.

Culinary Culture:  As a self-proclaimed foodie I love food & the culture.  Rather it is a small & intimate culinary event, styled plated food, a new restaurant, or action shots of a typical night I enjoy capturing every aspect.  Unless it is a styled shoot I take on the role as an observer rather than an orchestrator to capture the true rawness of the culinary industry.  Styled shoots are exciting because a well-plated meal can delight you before it hits your palette.

Fine Art:  As a working photographer I think it is very important for your creativity & craft to take pictures outside of your assignments; something for fun to spark the creativity within.  I am constantly snapping pictures but also trying to push my creativity & to look at life differently through the lens.  I have curated a select few of my favorite photographs which are for sale under the purchase tab.